About Me

Height: 6'3" (190cm)

Weight: 14st. 3lb (90kg)

Hair Color: Light/Mid Brown

Eyes Color: Blue

Location: London, UK

Voice Character: Engaging, Youthful, Sophisticated.

Special Skills

Accents & Dialects (* = native): Cockney, English-Standard, Essex, Estuary English, Heightened RP, Irish-Northern, London,

Multicultural London English (MLE), Northern, Oxfordshire, RP*

Performance: ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Comedy Improv, Presenting, Radio Drama, Radio Presenting, Stand-up Comic, TV Presenting, Voice Acting, Voice Over

Home Studio

Microphones- Sennheiser MK4 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone / Deity S-Mic 2

Interface - Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 / Yamaha AG03

Software - Adobe Audition CC 2020 on Macbook Pro 2018

Acoustic Treatment - VOMO Portable Vocal booth, Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets, Rockwool Acoustic Panels

Voiceover Credits

2020, Voice Over, Narrator, ACUVUE OASYS - KICK OFF & DEMO VIDEO, GoLocalise, Ana Sousa

2020, Voice Over, Narrator, ENCEVO S.A. - 'SHOW RESPECT. WEAR A MASK!' VIDEO, Binsfield, Paloma Biancato

2020, Voice Over, Narrator, WOODSCANNER - 'HOW IT WORKS' EXPLAINER VIDEOS, SOZO Design, Mark James

2020, Voice Over, Narrator, GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL - 'WELCOME TO UK PRACTICE' WORKSHOP VIDEO, DoodleDo Motion, Olivia Pitcher


2019, Voice Over, Young Adult Voice, BMW VISION PRESENTATION 2019, TRO GMBH, Markus Stean
2019, Voice Over, Narrator, BOXSPRING ENTERTAINMENT - VISION PRESENTATION, Boxspring Entertainment, Michelle Czarnik

2019, Voice Over, Narrator, HSBC - GBM TRANSFORMATION FILM, NRG Digital, Robert Edmonds
2019, Voice Over, Narrator, INJECTION MOULDING TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION VIDEO, GoLocalise, Malia Enea
2019, Voice Over, Narrator, INSTINCT BY GARMIN - "STAND OUT" AD CAMPAIGN, Garmin International, Maggie Wasserman

2019, Voice Over, Narrator, LAMBETH TOGETHER EXPLAINER, Revealing Reality, Annie Wood
2019, Voice Over, Narrator, MACMILLAN EDUCATION - E-LEARNING MATERIALS, Lucentum Digital, Madi Craciun
2019, Voice Over, Narrator, QUEEN MARY'S COLLEGE APPLY EXPLAINER VIDEO, GNU Films, Jack James

2019, Voice Over, Simon Leslie / Narrator, THERE'S NO F' IN SALES - AUDIOBOOK, GMV Voices, Michael Hayhurst
2018, Voice Over, Intro/Sting Narrator, ADIDAS ORIGINALS PRESENTS: SHPTLKS, Annex88, TJ Docena
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2018, Voice Over, Male IVR Voice, LONDON SYSTEMS IVR, Maple Street Creative, Ally Lang
2018, Voice Over, Narrator, SASCO GIVE 'N' TAKE 2018 PROMO, Explainer Videoly Sdn Bhd, Sheryl Chung
2018, Voice Over, Narrator, TRANCE ENERGY AT MYSTERYLAND FESTIVAL AFTERMOVIE, ByRaven, Justin Welgraven
2018, Voice Over, Narrator, VOIP STUDIOS PROMO, Maple Street Creative, James McCombe
2017, Voice Over, Narrator (UK English), CISCO HYPERFLEX PROMO, 2002 Studios, Matthew Blair
2017, Voice Over, British Young Narrator, INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY 2017 PROMO, Escape Plan Films, Keller Davis
2017, Voice Over, Narrator, LGC REFERENCE MATERIALS VIDEO TOUR, DubCrowd, Wouter Mayeur
2017, Voice Over, Male Narrator, SAE LEARNING E-LEARNING, 2002 Studios, Matthew Blair
2017, Voice Over, Narrator, SASCO GIVE 'N' TAKE PROMO, Explainer Videoly Sdn Bhd, Sheryl Chung